About APEX

Our goal is to provide research scientists within and outside of the computer science/engineering discipline with systems to accelerate how they do research analysis. We want to make designing, deploying, and using custom hardware orders of magnitude simpler while demonstrating application-driven programmable hardware accelerated systems that are orders of magnitude more efficient.

Interested in joining APEX?

We are looking for both graduate and undergraduate researchers to join our lab and work on interesting projects! You can apply by sending a CV and a brief paragraph describing your research interest to Professor Lisa Wu Wills.

Interested in making your research analysis/application run orders of magnitude faster?

We are interested in exploring the feasibility of accelerating the applications you care about to make your research analysis orders of magnitude faster! If you have a compute-intensive or I/O-intensive application that just does not run fast enough on a commodity CPU platform, we would be happy to do an assessment for any potential acceleration opportunity. Please contact us!

Interested in becoming one of our industry research partners?

We are happy to make a trip and give a seminar to your research group on our lab vision, direction, past successful projects, and projects in the works. Please contact us!